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My name is Megan Wilde and I am an Erotic Romance Author. I write Paranormal Fantasy Erotica that has an Adult ONLY theme and focus. These books are NOT for anyone under 18, or anyone who might be easily offended by such topics and materials.

To that end, if you are NOT 18+ or might be easily offended by Erotic Adult materials, do not go any further into my site. Want to know more about me? Check out my Smashwords Interview.


Megan Wilde

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The Wolves Den Chronicles

My very first novella is called By the Light of the Moon. It is a very short story at 6,097 words. It is the very first book in my Wolves Den Chronicles and focuses on the Unseelie Princess Reni as she meets her two Wolf mates. This book sets the stage for the rest of the series as we follow Reni and her mates, their challenges and all that they must face just to remain together.

In the second instalment, As the Sun Rises, we pick up with the Wolf's taking their mate, Reni, to meet their Alpha. This is an important step for all of them. For her to be allowed access into the Pack and onto their lands, she must accept the Alpha, her mates and Pack itself, at their most primal and fierce. This short story is approx. 8,367 words in length.

In the third book of my Wolves Den series, In the Wind, we have trouble brewing for our threesome. A betrayal will shake their new lives as mates, danger will rock the very foundations they stand on and someone may not make it out alive. Join me for the final instalment with this threesome. This short story is approx. 12,577 words in length.

Book four of the Wolves Den series, Beyond the Borders, takes us in depth with Patrick, Alpha of the Wolf Pack. This is his trip to reconnect with himself, old friends and to potentially find his mate. But trouble isn't far off, for him and his friend and definitely not their mate. Approx 17,420 words in length.

As we step into book five of the Wolves Den series, Drawing the Line, we begin to get to know Patrick, Dominic and Abigail in more detail. And get a visit from the in-laws after a spectacular showing of power. We also delve deeper into what is coming for the young Abigail as she begins her mated life with these two Alpha personalities. Approx 20,750 words in length.

The Reglashien

In my newest series, The Reglashien, I've created a whole new realm of interesting characters. It's all based around an event, The Reglashien, that occurs every 200 years. It is the only naturally occurring point in supernatural beings lives where they can mate. It's like a giant party, everyone who is single is invited and, if you're really lucky you find the one, or two, for you. This is a ménage series full of hot, sexy and dominate males with females that are strong and yet soft and sensual all at the same time.

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