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By the Light of the Moon

The Wolves Den Chronicles

size:  6,097 word Novella

The Wolves Den is a rough and tumble bar located on the outskirts of a small Oklahoma town. The Wolves Den caters to all walks of life, from humans to vampires and everything in between. 

Reni Fawn is not your average everyday Fairy. Reni is instead the youngest daughter of the Dark King. Being an Unseelie Princess is not all its cracked up to be. She’s protected to the nth degree and she’s had it. Breaking out of her golden cage she is determined to have a good time and wants a werewolf or two that will give her everything that she wants and won’t treat her as if she will break. 

Hunter and Conrad Lykos are men on the prowl for someone that they can put between them. They are in search of someone that can handle both of their appetites and their desires. These men are rowdy, they are horny and they are both completely Alpha in their needs and wants. 

The three meet in the middle of a dark hall in the back of The Wolves Den and when Reni didn’t run screaming the wolves decide to take her home. 

What happens next is something that Reni will never forget and will change her life completely and fully.

WARNING:  This book has adult content including sexually explicit scenes, FF action, DP's, anal virginity penetration, forced deep throat and forced breeding.

Available: July 24, 2013

© Megan Wilde 2013-2015

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As the Sun Rises

The Wolves Den Chronicles, 2

size:  8,367 word Novella

Finding her mates was one of the highpoints of her night, immediately under the mind blowing sex they had that got the ball rolling. Waking up the morning after Reni finds herself sandwiched between two of the sexiest Wolves on the planet. And they are all hers.

Hunter and Conrad weren't actively looking for a mate, but having found her they weren't about to let her go. There are still a few obstacles in their way. The big ones, their Alpha and her highly overprotective father. But they aren't planning on letting her go, not ever, so both men will just have to deal.

With one for their mating and the other against it, this threesome will need to be on their toes as they fight for one another and their future together. Love is on their side in a game of life where the rules are changing faster than they can keep up and not all the players have announced themselves.

Can they keep it together and find a life for themselves or will it all be torn apart by jealousy, greed and deceit?

WARNING:  This book has adult content including sexually explicit scenes, anal play and oral sex, double penetration and ass worshipping.

Available: August 31, 2013

© Megan Wilde 2013-2015

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In the Wind

The Wolves Den Chronicles, 3

size: 12,577 word Novella

She knew not everyone would be happy she’d mated to her Wolves. But she never expected anyone to go as far as this. The fight to figure out who is behind such a brutal betrayal will test everyone of them. It will strain their fragile new relationship to the very breaking point but will it have them coming out all the stronger or shattered?

They’d found her, their one true mate, the only woman who could complete them both as individuals and as a family. And, in one night, in a place where they should have been safe; their lives are torn apart. Their bond are put to the ultimate of tests as their ties are strained and pulled taut. But in their darkest hours they will have to prove they are their strongest. Not only to defeat an unknown enemy but to protect their mate and save one another.

A dawning day should bring hope and joy, theirs is filled with nothing but despair, anger and a burning rage. When the perpetrator is finally revealed Con and Hunter believe it will soon be over. What no one expected was to find there wasn’t just one male after their woman but a second. An even deadlier and more desperate male.

Together they will have to fight for one another, for their sanity and the sanctity of their mating. For with new life on the horizon they have no other choice but to do whatever needs to be done. And a Wolf will always fight to the death for his mate.

WARNING:  This book has adult content including; ménage, voyeurism, anal sex, double penetration, knotting sex and werewolf ménage

Available: Sept 11, 2013

© Megan Wilde 2013-2015

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A Brush of her Skin

The Reglashien, 1

size: 36,270 word Novel

The Reglashien. A Gods sanctioned meeting for all of the supernatural community, safe, secure and the only time to find ones mate or mates. Every time it’s held, those without a mate hope and pray that it will be their turn. Having to wait 200 years is just too long for those that have had to wait so long already.

Jett Valeria Jemar’s father is the host this year, she’s quite excited. She has no clue what it means, or what has brought so many to her father’s lands, but she intends to find out. Part of her excitement is from the fact she will be defying her father, the King of the Vampires, orders and sneaking out to join the other partiers. But she has to be careful, to be recognized will have her punished, but it’s worth the risk. Or so she thought until she’s completely ensnared by two dashing figures.

Carver Travis Wilks is Alpha of the largest Wolf Pack around. Prince Tremayne of the House van Moor is a Vampire prince. These two are mortal frenemies who have gone head to head and toe to toe. A day without them verbally slinging mud at one another means one of them is unconscious or otherwise preoccupied. That is until they meet her. The only woman to end their eternal feud and have them getting along, sort of. What neither expected was to have to face her father’s wrath over something the Gods had prearranged.

They will have to fight for one another, trust in each other and find love for one another deep within to make a go at this unusual match. It will test them in all ways imaginable and it could only make the bonds between them stronger. Here’s hoping the Gods knew what they were doing.

WARNING: This book has adult content including; ménage a trois, anal sex, double penetration, oral sex, vaginal sex, Vampires and Werewolves

Available: Sept 15, 2013

© Megan Wilde 2013-2015

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Beyond the Borders

The Wolves Den Chronicles, 4

size:  17,420 words

Alpha for a Pack is a position of extreme responsibility. Not only as an example to the younger set but to all those under his protection. It wasn’t something he’d ever wanted to do alone but when circumstances make it unavoidable, Patrick steps up to do what he can. In the process he’s pushed aside all his own wants and needs to help the Pack become a tight knit family and unit. But it’s his turn now and he won’t be denying the drive of his Wolf to find his mate.

As the only girl in her family she’s both cherished and wrapped in bubble wrap. She’s strong, she knows that the world is a big scary place and she can take care of herself. Most of the time. Okay, some of the time. Just not this time!

Blinding a Tiger when he decides that she should be his property wasn’t the brightest of ideas. But really, it will only be for just a little while. But it might just be the last straw for her family when she does it in the midst of their family own business, the Wolves Den. Known locally as a rough and tumble spot it hosts not only Others but humans too. Why couldn’t she have thought it through just a little better before letting her temper get the best of her?

A lone Wolf, or so he tries to claim, Dominic has avoided the Pack who raised him and then shunned him, for too many years. He has a good life, a great business and a fantastic home that is all his. But his past comes sauntering through his doors right along with a future he’s been trying to avoid. Born an Alpha, a position he’s never wanted, Dominic knows that sometimes a man has to do what a man has to do.

He just hadn’t expected, after much conflict and horror in his past, to find the most treasured woman of all eavesdropping on his conversation. Sweet, delightful and so damned sexy that it’s all a Wolf can do not to just jump her right then and there. But the real kick in his pants, in both his and Patrick’s pants, is just who she is and what hell is coming in on her coattails.

Never ones to back down from a fight these two Wolf’s will do all that’s necessary to keep Abigail safe. Even from themselves if it’s necessary. Now all they need to do is get her to admit she needs them. But once she does, they are willing to go Beyond the Borders just to secure a future with the only one for them.

WARNING:  This book has adult content including:  ménage a trois, vampires, werewolves, witches, fae, double penetration, anal virginity, knotting, werewolf paranormal romancekink and, of course, Alpha personalities.

Available: Nov 6, 2013

© Megan Wilde 2013-2015

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Drawing the Line

The Wolves Den Chronicles, 5

size:  20,750 words

One doesn’t need to face family as soon as she crawls out of bed after many fun filled hours of mindless and pleasurable sex. Unfortunately Abigail’s kin hadn’t gotten that particular memo and shown up en masse to meet the new in-laws. To make it worse, her mother is a hugger that will hug anyone and everyone. It was going to be a very interesting visit.

A threat is coming, one that Abi’s eldest brother is actually able to shed light on. With the coming danger her only want and wish is to keep her two mates safe. Dominic and Patrick are thinking the same thing for her, but they have a much more forward and deadly plan in mind. Take out the threat at the knees in a bloody battle.

The biggest problem is, since their mating on the full moon, they are all off balance and trying to figure out the new rhythm of their connection. Time is running out and they need to get a plan together before the threat arrives on their door. This trio will only have one shot and one shot only to stop the one called Death.

The clock is running and soon they will have to make a stand for themselves and all others like them. Death has a weakness, now all they need to do is find it before he finds them.

These mates will have to rely fully on one another, to know the others weaknesses and strengths as they prepare for the biggest fight of all. Failure is not an option for any other them, not when their future and their very lives are on the line.

Join Patrick, Dominic and Abigail as they learn to lean on each other and as they learn of what comes their way. Time will be the deciding factor in this battle they face. Will they have enough or will the be drawing the line too late to save themselves.

WARNING: This book has adult content including:  ménage a trois, vampires, werewolves, witches, fae, double penetration, knotting, werewolf paranormal romancekink and, of course, Alpha personalities.

Available: Nov 19, 2013

© Megan Wilde 2013-2015